Bring Thanksgiving to Far Rockaway

Operation SurfinBird

The Rockaways have been devastated by hurricane Sandy. Many are without homes, those that have homes still have no power, and many have lost everything. As we approach winter, the damage to homes, schools, roads and infrastructure is still tremendous, the efforts to rebuild are becoming more challenging, and support from official sources is dwindling. We are Operation SurfinBird. New Yorkers, surfers, people that visit Rockaway, a group of friends that has seen the devastation of Sandy and is unwilling to stand by and wait for things to get better. We want to bring a home cooked Thanksgiving meal to the members of the community in Far Rockaway, one of the poorest and most hardly hit neighboorhoods of the NY metro area. We aim to raise awareness on their long-lasting needs and to give them a plesant break after what for many has been a very very hard month. We are aware of the challenges and that is why we are reaching out to you. We hope you can join us.


This Sunday, Nov 18 from 7 - 11 pm at The Dalloway at 525 Broome Street

Operation SurfinBird will host its Fundraiser Party to make a Thanksgiving dinner in Far Rockaway a reality for 500 families.

Hosting this fashionable event will be hosted by Patricia Field, Erin O’Connor, Alana Zimmer, Jaquelyn Jablonski, Sara Blomqvist, Harry Brant, Scoot McNairy, Jeremy Kost, Va$htie.


DJ sests by Tanlines and Victor Vazquez of Das Racist will blast your heads off.

There will be a $20 suggested donation. Will be looking out for the cheap people who skip that and point them out to everyone. Like, WTF?

Thanks to donations from Bulldog Gin 100% of the proceeds from gin cocktails and 10% of all drink sales will go directly to OperationSurfinBird.

Come, bring your friends and enemies. Drink lots and help us put a dent in this.

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